Going on Morocco city tour is like entering a colorful and lively world it is a place where old and new mix together beautifully imagine walking through busy streets filled with the smells of tasty food the sounds of music and shops full of interesting things to see and buy in Marrakech Red city you will find busy squares jemaa el fnaa especially at night with entertainers and food stalls everywhere. There is also a beautiful garden Majorelle Garden where everything is painted in bright blue offering a calm spot away from the hustle and bustle.

Fes or Fez scientific city known for its old city and beautiful gates and Casablanca the economic city where you can see one of the biggest mosques right by the ocean. Chefchaouen is another must see place with its blue painted buildings that make the town look peaceful and great place for pictures especially in the morning
Lastly Essaouira by the sea is great for those who love water sports or just want to enjoy fresh seafood in Morocco Each city has its own story and special spots to discover making a trip here an adventure you will not forget.

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